Botin Restaurant & Suckling Pig

20120831-173114.jpgThe third day do our trip was about seeing what we needed to before moving on to the next destination – in this case, the Palace Real. We focused on our final meal and we chose Restaurante Botin – the oldest restaurant in the world according the Guinness Book of Records.


It is know for its roast suckling pig, so I had to have that. David opted for the roast suckling lamb. And that is what we got – a hunk of meat on a plate. Yikes!

Sure we ordered white asparagus as our deference to having a vegetable, but it alone could not counter the heavy weight of the ham hock and lamb leg that rose high on our plates. The only thing to do was to dive in.


To my surprise, the fingers of pork were stripes of meat on a wing of bone topped with crisp pork skin. David’s lamb was rich, salty, and dense. We’re in serious need of fasting.





On to Barcelona…





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