Museo de Jamon

Ham Hanging from the Ceiling

Ham Hanging from the Ceiling

Madrid: Day 1

We arrived in Madrid just in time for lunch. Across from our hotel was the Museo de Jamon. Be still my heart! We must push pass the people three deep, eating ham sandwiches and drinking beer. On one side is a deli with every possible cut of ham. A row of cured ham hangs in a ring above our heads, each a different colour-red, green, blue, and white. The red was the cheapest at 5 Euros, whereas the white cost well over 37 Euros.




  1. Jud

    Hello Deborah and David,
    What an interesting read, more please.
    I am back from my mother’s 99th birthday in Sask, all is well.
    Bruce is leaving for Winnipeg next Sunday.
    Happy trails, Ciao

    1. Deborah Skaey

      Bonjour Jud!

      We have just landed in Narbonne for our cooking school with Petra. Fortunately, she has wi-fi so I can start writing again. We were out of communication on the cruise ship. More to come…

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