Paella Like No Other


After two days travelling with little sleep, we woke the next day at 11:00 am and panicked. We only had two full days in Madrid. This will be a serious sight-seeing day. Took our long awaited stroll along the river at the Parque del Buen Retiro.


Took the Metro out to the Museo de Prado. Too hot now. We stop at a little street-side cafe (I will be saying this a lot as I think it is time Vancouver change its restrictive policies around eating outside restaurants). We order a beer which, invariably now, I realize comes with chips – richer in flavour due to being fried in corn oil. David had the chicken Caesar, which in no way looked like a Caesar from home – mixed greens, panko chicken strips and Parmesan chips. I had gazpacho, which arrived in a champagne flute.

We learned later that this was no ordinary cafe. It was tied to the Radisson Hotel. It had the blue chairs. The chairs beside us were green owned by a little cafe at the back, with no doubt cheaper prices. We’re learning.


Passed by a patisseria with marvelous creations of unusual shapes polled high.20120831-172337.jpg

We had dinner at at the terribly early time of 9:30 pm at “Paella de Reina” which was recommended by our hotel. Every hotel must recommend this place, because it was overrun by tourists. We chose an adequate wine, again recommended byp our waiter: Marques de Caceres 2005. Must go with my gut. The wine was okay, the paella with rabbit and chicken was dry. I deliberately chose something other than seafood. My mistake.




We’ll try again in Barcelona.



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