Spotty Connections

Volterra, Italy, Piazza del Priori, Stairway, Alley

Stairway to the Light of the Piazza del Priori in Voterra, Italy

We had no internet on the cruise ship and spotty connections during our two week stay in Provence. Melissa Hartield from Fine Lime Designs who helped me set up my food blog before I left warned me and she was so right. The IPad proved to less than satisfactory. I couldn’t add posts or pictures. Damn frustrating. Finally, I found an Apple store in Barcelona and explained the problem. Apparently, I could only access WordPress by downloading an App which proved to be far inferior to posting from a computer. I decided to write my stories and post when we got home.

Sad to say, but there was another disaster.

I had carefully recorded every meal, bottle of wine, and the name of every restaurant we went to in a small notebook that I carried around with me everywhere. However, I think that during the wine tasting in Volterra, I believe I left the notebook on the table, which just proves how good that wine tasting was!  Plus, we shipped six wine bottles back to Canada.

When I discovered it missing once we got back to the ship, David and I sat down in the Schooner Bar, had a Martini, and tried to extract from our memories all the places we visited. From that point on, I carried a large Hilroy spiral notebook in a large Cote d’Azur satchel that I knew I would not leave behind. I also took pictures of the restaurant, wine bottle and food so if the satchel went missing, I would at least have the photos to work from.

Now, I’ll just pick up from where I left off…




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