La Taverna del Ghetto ‘Kosher’

The last time we were in Rome, we decided to visit the Vatican one rainy morning. We arrived to a sea of people watching the Pope give mass on multiple outdoor screens around St. Peter`s Square. Ah, right. This was Sunday. Not going to happen…

So this time, we got off the cruise ship, took the train to St. Peter`s Square, and joined a tour group to see the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. Worth the wait.

After the tour, we wanted to see the progress of the excavation of the ancient Roman city beneath the modern Roman city and Circus Maximus. We grabbed a taxi and told the taxi driver to take us to the Synagogue in the Jewish Ghetto District.

As I was telling David the tale of how we discovered a little restaurant somewhere around here, David led me down cobblestone alleys, past the ruins, and down a little hill. Before I could finish sharing my fond memories of the restaurant, David stopped and pointed. There it was. It was his surprise to me. He had tracked it on Google Earth and guided me right to the front door of the La Taverna del Ghetto `Kosher`. Glorious.

Fried Jewish Artichoke

Jewish Artichoke

We sat at a little table out in the sun, just as we had done five years ago. I ordered the very same meal we had last time: zucchini blossoms filled with sea bass, fried artichokes—Jewish style, and fresh beef Carpaccio with rucola and balsamic reduction. I can tell you that I have been thinking about those zucchini blossoms for five years.

Beef Carpaccio

Beef Carpaccio




I told the waiter that we had been here five years ago and he had served us the same meal. He pretended to remember us and treated us to a glass of Limoncello.













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