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First Port – Toulon


We awoke to the sound of rain bouncing on our deck. Auggh! More rain. I bundled up, grabbed my umbrella, and we headed for the peer. We took a little ferry boat from the port to the city of Toulon. We wandered over to the Provence Market that filled the centre of Townsend weaves along …

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Being Punished


Before we left Barcelona, we purchased three bottles of wine at a local market. We stuffed two in my suitcase and one in David’s. We made our way down to the Barcelona Port by 12:30 pm, dropped off our bags. The system was quite streamlined as we waited in line to register. Once processed, we …

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Le Cruise


First Impressions of the Mediterranean Cruise Despite our reluctance to board another cruise, we were instantly impressed with this ship the minute we boarded. The Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Sea is a far more elegant ship than the Norwegian ship we took two years ago. The staff were gracious and would go out of …

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Botin Restaurant & Suckling Pig


The third day do our trip was about seeing what we needed to before moving on to the next destination – in this case, the Palace Real. We focused on our final meal and we chose Restaurante Botin – the oldest restaurant in the world according the Guinness Book of Records. It is know for …

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Paella Like No Other


After two days travelling with little sleep, we woke the next day at 11:00 am and panicked. We only had two full days in Madrid. This will be a serious sight-seeing day. Took our long awaited stroll along the river at the Parque del Buen Retiro. Took the Metro out to the Museo de Prado. …

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Mercado de San Miguel

Late Saturday evening, we left the Plaza Mayor and stepped across the street following the lights that shone on a row of multicolored fruit. Once we stepped into the 19th century iron and glass structure, we knew immediately that this was the famous Mercado de San Miguel. Rows upon rows of vendors specializing in one …

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Sidewalk Cafes


We lunched at Santa Ana at one of the countless sidewalk cafes found in every square and along every street. Why can’t we have more street side cafes in Vancouver? People just walk around the chairs and tables here, so what if you have to narrow down to single file? We chose the Cerveceria Santa …

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Museo de Jamon

Madrid: Day 1 We arrived in Madrid just in time for lunch. Across from our hotel was the Museo de Jamon. Be still my heart! We must push pass the people three deep, eating ham sandwiches and drinking beer. On one side is a deli with every possible cut of ham. A row of cured …

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