Culinary Adventures

Europe 2012: Follow me as I embark on a culinary adventure, exploring where food comes from – its Origins. I will be travelling to Europe with my husband in search of the original olive tree in Italy (see the “About” page), to Spain to taste the tapas of Las Ramblas, and to Provence to taste cassoulet in Castelnaudary where it originated.

David will be attending culinary school near the Canal du Midi, cruising the Mediterranean, and visiting Monaco to collect my honorary citizenship.

Along the way, I’ll share stories of our travels as we visit the country markets, wineries of Southern France, cheese makers, and an original olive press. We’ll check out the restaurants in the big cities and wander through the countryside to find little out of the way places where you can have marvelous food and great company.

More stories, pictures, and recipes to come..Deborah


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