Being Punished

Before we left Barcelona, we purchased three bottles of wine at a local market. We stuffed two in my suitcase and one in David’s. We made our way down to the Barcelona Port by 12:30 pm, dropped off our bags. The system was quite streamlined as we waited in line to register. Once processed, we wandered down the corridor and saw a wine shop. We decided to buy three more bottles of wine. David put two in his backpack and I put the third in mine.

We boarded the ship and strolled along several floors to orient ourselves with the ship’s amenities. We went to our room and David’s suitcase was waiting outside the stateroom door. Mine would be along later, apparently, according to our guest relations porter, Christopher. While David unpacked I sat on the deck and soaked in the view. An hour later my bag still had arrived. As we started to set sail, I was getting increasingly concerned about my bag. I saw Christopher down the hall and mentioned my concern. He asked if I had an iron – no. Any alcohol? Oui. Oh, oh. “Follow me,” he said. “I think I know where your bag is. You are not allowed to bring alcohol on the ship.” “Am I being punished?” “Not punished. But no alcohol.”

I followed him down to the 2nd floor where there was a large x-ray machine and a sea of wayward bags. But not mine. He said there is only one other place it could be and we go down to the 1st floor and the crew’s area. More bags but not mine. He assured me that it was on board. Hmmm…this calls for a Martini.

I ordered a traditional Bombay Sapphire Martini which seemed to straight to my head. We went back to our cabin but still no bag. Christopher sees me and calls down the hall that he has found my bag. Back we go to the first floor were more bags are housed, and there it was with the big word, “alcohol,” tapped to it. They x-rayed while I watched and the pointed to the two bottles of wine, and the deadly corkscrew. They fished out the corkscrew and made a dramatic show of fact that it had a half an inch blade at one end. The confiscated it and the wine which they assured me that all will be returned to me but not until I left the ship. Of course, that way we have to drink on board.


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